Roger Wilco
Instructor time.
Dana's New AirWolf Powered Parachute ✈️
Interesting picture.
Sunrise Mackinac Island
Fork! Restaurant for lunch
Sunrise over the Biose Idaho State Capital
White Dog Brewing Co
Santa Fe NM to Boise ID
Gin and Tonic, cucumber infused!
Getting my fill of green chili this week!
Santa Fe NM - Great Food!
Santa Fe NM! Coyote Cafe.
Flying 1,700 miles Inverness FL to Santa Fe NM
Molcajete Guacamole
On The Air - WG0O
Air Adventure Summer 2021
Hi Jim
Alpha7 - Impressions after 500 miles
Ham Radio License - Amateur Extra Class
Dinner with friends
Fitting the Alpha 7 at Bicycle Evolution
Britt and Atlas
Withlacoochee Trail
Velomobiles on the Withlacoochee Trail!
Clearwater Beach
Pine Street Pub - Time for some hydration.
Sun set at Cocoa Beach - Start of Cross Florida Ride
Happy Birthday, Hot Dog!!!
Pretty windy today!
8 Traveling Trikers in Raton, NM
Lots of fawns this time of year!
Clean garage!
Glacier National Park
Glacier National Park
Another rough day in Montana
Breakfast in Montana
Base layer of smoke from fires in the Rockies.
Roughing it in Montana!
Lake George from the Sagamore
The Sagamor at Bolton Landing, Lake George NY
Oswego NY
Lake Ontario (Oswego, NY)
Sunrise Southwest Harbor
Another beautiful day in Southwest Harbor ME
Southwest Harbor ME
Sunrise Cadillac Mountain Acadia National Park
Southwest Harbor!
Day 16 Canada Adventure
Burlington ONT
Steve and Cynthia
Two Sisters Vineyard
Two Sisters Vinyards
At the Falls!
Early morning coffee at Grand Rapids MI.
Lunch at Tabor Winery!
On our way north! Time for lunch.
2017 Canada Triking Adventure
Car staging
Day01 - 32.3 miles - Niagara Falls to Lincoln
Day02 - 26.8 miles - Lincoln to Burlington
Day03 - 33.5 miles - Burlington to Toronto
Day04 - 26.8 miles - Lincoln to Burlington
Day05 - 31.2 miles - Toronto to Ajax
Day06 - 48.5 miles - Ajax to Port Hope
Day07 - 31.5 miles - Port Hope to Brighton
Day08 - 48.7 - Brighton to Napanee
Day09 - 31.9 miles - Napanee to Kingston
Day10 - 26.8 miles - Lincoln to Burlington
Day11 - 30.8 miles - Kingston to Rockport
Day12 - 30.4 miles - Rockport to Prescott
Day13 - 24.5 miles - Prescott to Morrisburg
Day14 - 29.7 miles - Morrisburg to Cornwall
Garmin Connect Route - 38 miles - Massachusetts Coast
Getting Your Trike Ready
Passports, Customs and Immigration
Reserving your hotels
Ride w/GPS Routes - 130 miles - P’tit Train du Nord Trail
Ride w/GPS Routes - 400 miles - Great Lakes Waterfront Trail
Rider Expectations
Where's Waldo - Where is the riding group right now?
Who is currently going & hotel reservations
The Recovery
Getting back on the Horse
Coast2Coast - Last day of rehab in San Diego
Coast2Coast - The crash
Coast2Coast - Britty visiting me in rehab!
Coast2Coast - We're off!
Coast2Coast - Getting ready to dip our wheels
Coast2Coast - Morning day 1 loading up the bags
Coast2Coast - Next year Coaster
Coast2Coast - New friends, good food
Coast2Coast - Ocean Beach!
Coast2Coast - Riders meeting
Coast2Coast - Checkin!
Coast2Coast - Breakfast with Audra and Peter
Coast2Coast - Dinner!
Coast2Coast - Dinner!
Coast2Coast - San Diego Zoo
Coast2Coast - Lunch with Robyn and the gorillas
Coast2Coast - Gorillas!
Coast2Coast - Zoo Photos
Coast2Coast - Lions
Coast2Coast - Polar Bear!
Coast2Coast - San Diego Zoo!
Coast2Coast - Breakfast!
Coast2Coast - Lunch at HoDads!
Coast2Coast - Evelyn Dan Mark
Coast2Coast - Dan and Mark at the lighthouse
Coast2Coast - Eva line and Mark
Coast2Coast - Lighthouse!
Coast2Coast - Ocean Beach CA
Coast2Coast - Best bumper sticker yet!
Coast2Coast - El Hefe in Arizona!
Coast2Coast - Aircraft Boneyard outside Tucson
Coast2Coast - Entering Arizona
Coast2Coast - Beautiful west New Mexico
Coast2Coast - West Texas
Coast2Coast - Loaded up, we're off!
HOT - Presentations!
HOT - Ready for warrior ride!
Coast2Coast - Are we ready?
ErieCanal - Triking Niagara Falls
Atlas - Rainy day at the park.
DF-XL - First ride this year
Coast2Coast - Amazing Robyn
Canada - Map - Great Lakes Waterfront Trail (Jul 1st to 14th)
Schedule - Canada 2017 Adventure
Coast2Coast - Checklists Complete
Coast2Coast - Great Ideas
Coast2Coast - Bike electronics
Coast2Coast - First long training ride
Coast2Coast - Find My Bike
Coast2Coast - On bike checklists
Flying - Georgetown TX to Little Rock AR (round trip)
Coast2Coast - Checklists
Coast2Coast - Google Map w/OG
Coast2Coast - Google Map w/OG
Coast2Coast - Google Map
Coast2Coast - Schedule
Triking the Erie Canal
HPScorpion - Review and Pictures
DFXL - 66 miles @ 20.7 mph
DFXL - Hard fought KOM
Goodby TiAero
DFXL - 50 miles @ 20.5 mph!
TiAero - For Sale! (w/SportsTube)
Goodbye Quest
DFXL - RUSA 300k Ride Report (DNF)
DFXL - RUSA 200k Ride Report
DFXL - No road noise!
DFXL - Another training ride at 21.6 mph (video)
DFXL - Liberty Hill Rip Roaring Ride Report
Quest - For sale! (Sale Pending)
DFXL - First training ride. Fast. Fast. Fast.
DFXL - First Impressions
DFXL - Conquer the Coast Ride Report
DFXL - How to attach the seat?
DFXL - Unboxing
Quest - Hotter N'Hell Ride Report (videos)
Quest - Tour d'Italia
Quest - RUSA Populaire 160k
Quest - 24 Hours in the Canyon (videos)
Quest - Tour de Vineyard
Quest - GASP 2015
Quest - Getting ready for GASP 2015
Quest - RUSA 104k Ride Report
Quest - Fast today
Quest - Good ride
Quest - Georgetown Autism Ride Report (Video)
Quest - Higher gearing
Quest - Hare vs hare - Felt DA
Quest - Cold and windy today
Quest - Intervals today
Quest - Very windy ride
P-38 - Easy Thanksgiving morning ride
Quest - Easy ride, beautiful day
Quest - Another day, another 4 KOMs
Carbent - Windy ride!
Quest - Another day, another 4 KOMs
Quest - KOM Hunting, 3 KOMs and one 2nd place (video)
Carbent - First ride 65.4 miles @ 16.0 mph
Quest - First ride w/Race Cap - fast,fast,fast!
Quest - Salado loop 65.5 miles
Quest - Hunting down the roadies
Quest - Easy ride to Jarrell - 50.5 miles
Quest - Waco Wild West 100 Ride Report (videos)
Quest - Easy 40 miles @ 18.0 mph
Quest - Another KOM, 801 miles for the month
Quest - Pushing the legs today
CarbonTrike - Pictures
Quest - Upgrades
Quest - Another beautiful day for a ride
Quest - Easy ride, getting hot out
Quest - Loading into a Toyota Sienna
Quest - Hotter N Hell Hundred Ride Report (Videos)
Quest - 58 miles, very windy
Quest - Easy ride in the heat
Quest - Cove House Classic Ride Report (Video)
Quest - Another easy ride
Quest - A beautiful day for a ride
Quest - Nice ride with Greg & Alexis
Quest - KOM again by one second - 5.2 miles @ 29.2 mph
Quest - Increasing the aerodynamics
Quest - Legs are getting stronger
Quest - Stopped by the Sheriff
Quest - Maintenance Day
Quest - Nice ride today w/Brian
Quest - Video of 45 mph downhill
Quest - First ride impressions
Quest arrives home!
TiAero - Packing in SportsTube
Homemade Sports Drink
Another big tailwind, another lost KOM
TiAero - Real Ale Ride Report
F-40 Bummer, lost my KOM to a Cat3 Racer
TiAero - Easy 70 miles today
F-40 Chisholm Trail Parkway Ride Report
TiAero - GASP Ride Report
TiAero - Easy 30 miles
TiAero - Getting ready for GASP
F-40 Red Poppy Ride Report
F-40 Easy ride, beautiful day
Recumbents - Just starting out on a trike
F-40 Leg is good to go! 30 miles @ 18.5 mph!
TiAero - Tour de Vineyard Ride Report
Expedition - Leg is looking good!
Expedition - Easy trike ride
Preparation for 24 Hours in the Canyon
Hydration and Nutrition
No riding lately - bad leg cramps
TiAero - Liberty Hill Spokes 'n Spurs
F-40 Very windy, race with time trial rider
F-40 Side winds and top speed over 40 mph
F-40 Salado Smoken Spokes 100k
F-40 Two flat tires, two nails
F-40 Easy ride to Andice for lunch w/Robyn
2014 Ride Calendar
Ti-Aero First Ride Impressions
F-40 SunCity
Goodbye Optima Baron
How to find local charity rides (TX)
HOT Warrior Ride
HOT Classes - Syllabus
F-40 Fairing back on - 30 miles @ 19.3 mph
P-38 Easy ride to Salado
F-40 Fast medium ride 27 miles @ 21.1 mph
F-40 Fast hard ride 30 miles @ 21.8 mph
Strava Heatmaps
F-40 One thousand miles impressions
F-40 Easy social ride, 58 miles
F-40 Round Rock Outlaw 100
F-40 Easy ride to Andice for lunch w/Robyn
F-40 Easy ride 30 miles @ 19.3 mph
F-40 Video of Strava KOM 5.1 mile segment @ 28.1 mph
F-40 Easy ride 30 miles @ 18.6 mph
F-40 Another easy ride 51 miles @ 18.5 mph
F-40 Videos from ride today
F-40 Video testing
F-40 Easy training ride
F-40 - Is it meeting my expectations?
F-40 30 miles @ 20.5 mph
F-40 Medium effort, good speed
P-38 Easy ride to Blue Hole
P-38 Conquer the Coast - Ride Report
F-40 Removing the fairing
F-40 Sticking your elbow into the wind
F-40 Easy ride. 50.1 miles @ 18.6 mph
F-40 Thoughts on speed
F-40 Fast ride 47.3 miles @ 20.5 mph
F-40 Mentally increasing the speed
F-40 Another day, another 20 mph+ training ride
F-40 Easy ride - low heart rate, few calories, decent speed
F-40 Fast ride! Strava KOM 5.2 miles @ 26.6 mph
P-38 Medium ride
P-38 Medium ride - flat tire
P-38 Easy ride
P-38 Setup and Components
P-38 Easy recovery ride
F-40 Hotter 'N Hell Hundred
F-40 The intense ride
F-40 Hotter 'N Hell Hundred Pre-ride 30 miles in 102.0 degrees
F-40 Copperas Cove Classic Bike Ride
Candence - Slow twitch and fast twitch muscles
F-40 Installing cadence sensor
F-40 pushing it a little
F-40 Easy ride
F-40 First normal easy training ride
Strava 2nd place KOM - 5.2 miles @ 25.6 mph
Camelbak Installation
Hydration for a HOT Texas summer - 104 degrees
F-40 First road ride
F-40 Another training day
F-40 First training ride
F-40 Tour de Jalapeno - Ride Report
F-40 Picked up the P-38 from Easy Street Recumbents
F-40 Visiting the Lightning Cycle Dynamics Factory