17 Apr 2020, 14:00

Alpha7 - Impressions after 500 miles


I now have just over 500 miles on the Alpha7. According to VeloViewer the Alpha7 appears to be about 2.6 mph faster, on average, than my DF-XL.

The Alpha7 is setup exactly as I received it from Bicycle-Evolution in Plano TX. I’m 6’ 1" tall and now weight 215 pounds (yes, I’m overweight).

Due to the top entry opening it is much more difficult to enter/exit the Alpha7 than the DF-XL. When I first got the Alpha7 at the end of February 2020 I weighed 245 pounds and could not get out of the velo without help from two beefy guys lifting me by the arms to pop me out of the narrow top opening. It sounded like a champaign bottle popping open. I was very motived to lose weight so that I could get into, and out of, the velo by myself. So, over the next six weeks I lost 30 pounds and April 14th was my first ride of 7 miles in the Alpha7.

In the last 4 weeks I have put just over 500 miles on the Alpha7.

Compared to the DF-XL the Alpha7:

  • weights less
  • has a stiffer drive train
  • is much shorter
  • is narrower
  • has more internal length for long legged people
  • has better internal air flow for cooling
  • is very sparse (clean) inside
  • is much harder to exit
  • is easier to work on mechanicals
  • does not tilt to the outside when cornering
  • has less storage space
  • is quieter at speed
  • has steering like it is on rails (no twitchiness)

Fast Ride

Last Tuesday (May 5th, 2020) I was feeling pretty good and I had my first really good fast ride on the Alpha7.

It was a 71 mile ride with a 20.6 mph average. I stopped for 9 minutes to pee and gab with some folks. I have Garmin Vector3 power meters installed.

bordered http://www.strava.com/activities/3402413181