14 Sep 2013, 20:57

F-40 Fast ride 47.3 miles @ 20.5 mph

Started out just being a nice easy long ride.

Ten miles into the ride I turned north on Ronald Reagan (RR) with a tandem about 1/2 mile in front of me. Caught them pretty quickly and then proceeded to catch rider after rider. At the 15 mile turn around point I decided to continue across FM195 and then north on RR for another 5 miles on the newly paved (but not yet open to cars) section.

At the 20 mile turn around point was averaging 20.6 mph and decided to push it to keep up my average speed on the way back

At the 30 mile mark (intersection of RR and 2338/Williams) I noticed a big group turning around at the corner and heading back to NW Austin south on RR. So, I rested 5 minutes while they got somewhat ahead and then proceeded to do the next 3.5 miles at 30 mph until I had passed them all. What fun.