19 Sep 2013, 10:19

F-40 Removing the fairing

I’ve experimented with several ways to remove the fairing from the F-40 turning it into a P-38. These are my latest thoughts.

Taking the fairing off only requires about 10 minutes. Of course if you also take lots of pictures it can take a lot longer.

Start out with the spandex fully zipped up:

Next we are going to just peel the spandex off starting from the front and then proceed towards the back.

First un-velcro the two front sides:

Unzip the bottom section:

Now unvelcro and peel back the top spandex from the front fairing:

Keep gently peeling back the spandex until it is laying on the ground under the rear wheel.

Unvelcro the spandex from the tail frame bottom:

Put the spandex somewhere out of the way. Now the two things left to remove are the front fairing and the rear tail frame.

Tools you are going to need to take the fairing off:

The front fairing is held on by two tie-wraps and the right side strut. The left side strut is spring-loaded attached so that you can enter and exit the F-40 easier.

Disconnect the right side strut from the front fairing and snip the two tie-wraps at the bottom of the bottom-bracket.

You are now ready to remove the front fairing. Never pull or push on the fairing itself. Only pull and push on the inside tubing structure. When removing the fairing I lay on the ground and brace my elbow against the front fork stem so that I wiggle/push the inside tubing with both hands. Gently wiggle off the front fairing.

When I put the front fairing on I make sure to grease the rubber damper. When removing the fairing I make sure to remove the rubber damper from the front of the bike and store it inside the fairing.

With the front fairing off the only thing left if the rear tail frame which is held on at 6 attachment points:

  • 1 on each side where the side struts attach
  • 2 at the top of the seat
  • 1 on each side at the dropouts

Remove the two side struts.

I keep the nuts and bolts attached to the struts so that I can find them again later when I want to put the fairing back on.

The right side strut has my feed bags attached. When riding I just reach down with my right hand and fish around in the bag for stuff. The other bag is for my cell phone so that I can easily reach it to take pictures.

Now remove the other 4 nut/bolts to take the rear tail frame off.

1 on the left dropout 2 at the top of the seat 1 on the right dropout

I also remove the rack top bag because I use a seat back bag when riding the P-38

We now have a P-38

I move my stuff from the F-40 rack top bag to the P-38 seat back bag.

  • tool pouch
  • tubes
  • sun screen

Put the seat bag on the back of the P-38

Of course when I went to go for a ride I remembered that I also needed to:

  • put a flashing light on the back of the seat back bag
  • put a rear-view mirror on the handle bars