30 Sep 2013, 20:21

F-40 Videos from ride today

Just went for a relaxing spin today. Mounted the Contour+2 video camera on my helmet. Kind of an interesting perspective.

Heading south on Williams (FM 2338) approaching the corner of Ronald Reagan I happened to have the camera on when a 1950s Porsche 356 pulls up to the intersection and makes a right hand turn to pace me for a little while. We stare at each others yellow vehicle admiringly.

High speed coasting is a lot of fun with the F-40. Here I’m maintaining an easy 20 mph at a 100 bpm heart rate when I get to the downhill at Ronald Reagan and the back entrance to Sun City.

I stop peddling and just coast up to 36 mph.

A Prius starts to turn right pulling out in front of me. Once I take the lane they realize immediately how fast I am really going and quickly come to a stop.