21 Oct 2013, 23:47

F-40 One thousand miles impressions

Yesterday strava says that I now have 1,002 miles on my F-40.

The F-40 is by far the most difficult bike I have learned how to ride.

My other bikes were all easy to learn to ride compared to the F-40.

Bike Type Miles
Catrike Expedition trike 2,750
Catrike Musashi mid-racer 4,500
Optima Baron low-racer 1,000
Lightning P-38 SWB 250
Lightning F-40 SWB w/fairing 1,000

I am just now becoming comfortable enough with the bike that I can have a relaxing ride.

The first couple of hundred of miles were spent learning to just be safe on the bike.

The main learning requirements have to do with wind management and wind reflexes.

Because the bike is so fast, you must learn how to take the lane when necessary.

I am just now becoming comfortable cruising at 30 mph and greater. If the winds become greater than 12 mph it is best to keep the speed under 25 mph.

Of course the bike really helps with the Strava KOMs: