01 Apr 2014, 14:22

F-40 Very windy, race with time trial rider

A fit guy on a time trial bike with a rear disc wheel put the hurt on me today.

Twenty miles into the ride I’m coming back to the Williams / Ronald Reagan Blvd intersection when I see him round the corner coming from Georgetown and turning to head south on Ronald Reagan. He must have seen me because he immediately takes off peddling like mad and the bike rocking back and forth from him powering quickly up to speed.

I was going to turn back to Georgetown to finish my ride, but instead I take the bait and continue straight on RR to try and catch him.

Well it was not happening today. The wind was 18 gusting to 23 directly crosswind to the road. Everytime I got over 25 the wind would blow me all over the place with the gusting and large construction trucks passing. I kept riding the brakes to stay under 22 to 23 mph and the timetrial guy just slowly walks away from me. Bummer, after about 2 miles of almost keeping up with him I give up and head back to Georgetown.

34.7 miles @ 17.4 mph and lots of wind practice with the F-40.

No way I could have ridden in this wind without the coroplast mod I did last week.