14 Apr 2014, 09:09

Hydration and Nutrition

Due to my severe leg cramps I’m going to try making my own nutrition sports mix.

Got this receipe off the internet:

Hey hobkirk, maybe I can help give you a place to start from...

I did five double centuries last year and am mid way through an SR (200K, 300K, 400K and 600K) this year on my own maltodextrin mix. I've never had any stomach problems or bonks while using this mix. The ingredients and proportions are similar to Perprtuem. I chose this mix based on my experiences with Hammer Nutrition products. I liked the products but with the hours I was putting in on the bike I couldn't handle the cost any more. Fuller details on the science behind the mix can be found here.

I order 50 pound bags of malto from here for just $50. 
I order bulk 150 Serving Endurolyte powder from Hammer Nutrition.
And I use Soy Protein 95 from my local GNC shop.

My recipe for a four hour bottle:

2.5 cups of maltodextrin (1200 calories)
3/4 scoop GNC soy protein (I found chocolate to work well in all temps) (100 calories)
4 scoops of Endurolyte powder (or empty four capsules if that's all you have)

The powder fills up a regular water bottle 3/4 of the way but the first bit of water you add dissolves it all. The first time you do it you'll swear that there is too much powder to dissolve.

I've experimented with various sources for the soy. GNC soy was the only soy powder that I found that fully and easily dissolved. For rides shorter than four hours I have left out the soy. It is bland but still palatable. Personally I don't take any fuel for rides 2 hours or less, and a full malto mix for longer rides just because it tastes a bit better with the chocolate soy.

I start with a full bottle and then I put powder for 4 hours each into more baggies depending on the length of my ride. The thin sandwich zip locks baggies work great. Just bite the corner off the bag and you have a built in funnel. Put your pile of full baggies in a gallon size heavy duty zip loc bag because you don't want that powder leaking all over everything. I can comfortably carry two four hour baggies in one jersey pocket. For longer rides I have a Caradice bag I'll mount I put them in that.

That gives me about 325 calories per hour. You'll need to experiment with what works for you. I suggest starting with 2 cups of malto instead of 2.5 and seeing how that works. That would yield 265 calories per hour. I recently added the extra 1/2 cup and that seems to be better for me. (5'10, 180 lb, 49 years old, 200K in the middle of the pack type of rider)

I drink 1/4 of a bottle of the mix every hour on the hour along with 1/3 to 1/2 bottle of water. Without the water the osmolality of the malto is too high for the stomach to efficiently absorb it. You'll get that lead-weight-in-the tummy feel then. Since my Rando bike has three bottle cages (1 for malto and 2 for water) I can usually go three to four hours between stops.

On some of my Death Valley rides I experimented with adding a pinch of sea salt but now I just carry Endurolyte capsules and pop a few of those every few hours. I'm still tweaking that.

I've never much experimented with mixing this concoction with other "real" foods on a ride. I don't ride for gastronomical reasons. Taking fueling off the table as a concern on really long rides is more important to me than variety. YMMV.

Ordered all the stuff today. Should be trying it out this weekend.

I’ll probably be drinking more water than suggested though.




Update April 17th, 2014

Well I finally got all the stuff in to make the sports drink.

Tell you what - 50 pounds of maltodextrin is a big bag o’stuff.

If you put all the ingredients into a 24 oz bicycle water bottle there is hardly any room left for water.

I filled the bottle with very hot tap water but much of the maltodextrin would not dissolve and it was just a clumpy mess.

I emptied the bottle into a pot had had to almost bring the mixture to a boil, while constantly stirring, before the everything finally dissolved.

Pored the mixture back into the water bottle and put into the fridge for overnight cooling.

Tasted a little - seems pretty good.