14 Apr 2014, 21:42

Preparation for 24 Hours in the Canyon

Six weeks until the ‘24 Hours in the Canyon’ race.

This blog contains things I need to accomplish before the race.

Currently this blog entry is not organized very well - over time I will turn it into a comprehensive list of things I’ve had to do to prepare for the 24 hour race.


I need to gradually build up my on bike time so that I can ride 8+ hours without any problems.

Practice riding at night with new lights.

Get Nike shoes from closet and practice wearing for walk up hill.

Train with new sports mix.

Practice the granny gear on a really steep hill - maybe to go Eagles Nest hill.

Night Lighting

What a difficult subject. My last experience at 24 Hours in the Canyon showed how inexperienced I was with night lighting. Just like any other aspect of bicycling you need to try different things out before the race to find what works and what does not.

The problem is getting a big enough light to ride at 35 mph to see far enough ahead while still having enough battery life to have the light on for 8 hours.


Transition to iPhone for bicycle computer.

Reflective vest for bike w/ mesh pockets for food. (or side pockets)

Adjust shoes for toe-in. (done)

Fix the mounting of the heads-up display and windshield. (done)

Bike Changes

Reflective tape for front fairing. Reflective cloth for rear spandex fairing.

Oil chain. (done)

Mount tail lights (need bracket).

Adjust the rear brake to have less pull in.

Build tailbox from coroplast and anchor with tie-wraps and seal with ducktape.

Mount water bottles on F-40 for sports drink mix.

Change to Kojaks with Stan’s No-Flats



  • Another 400R tail light from DiNotte (done)
  • Lupine Headlight and Helmet lights.
  • Sports Mix (done)
  • 3M Yellow Reflective Tape (done)
  • Speedplay zero grease gun (done)

Checklist for pre-travel preparations.

– placeholder

Create list of things to carry on bike for first 100 mile loop.

  • sun screen
  • light weight Nike running shoes
  • iPhone
  • two large Ankr batteries

Checklist for on-bike Hydration and Nutrition

  • GU Roctane Gels (6)
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Homemade sports drink mix (enough for 8 hours)
  • Cliff bars (6)
  • 50 oz Camelbak

Checklist for the on-bike toolkit.

  • Air pump
  • CO2 cartridge (2) w/dispenser
  • Enough tools to tighten faring
  • 2 front tubes
  • 2 rear tubes
  • 1 boot
  • tire irons (2)
  • patch kit

Ride Clothes - During the day it is very hot.

  • Nike running shorts
  • Nike running shirt
  • Bike socks (4 pairs)

Ride Clothes - At night it is cold

  • long sleeve yellow hi-vis shirt
  • normal running shorts
  • biking cap for under my helmet