30 Apr 2014, 14:39

TiAero - Easy 30 miles

Nice easy shakedown ride on the TiAero in preparation for Saturday’s GASP ride. A little windy - winds 13 mph gusting to 19 mph. Rode 30 miles averaging 15.9 mph at a really easy heart rate.

I loaded the bike with everything as if I was riding the GASP today. The bike was still really light.

I was only going to ride 20 miles but when I got to the intersection of Williams and Ronald Reagan a roadie passed me and I was able to keep up with him even with a really low heart rate - mainly because of the pretty good headwind. So once the road started a slight downhill I nudged the bike slightly and left him in my dust.

The Garmin VIRB camera is pretty nice - looking forward to taking it on the GASP ride this weekend.

bordered http://connect.garmin.com/activity/490316889

The frame bag is loaded with everything on the checklist needed for GASP.

  • tire irons
  • spare tube
  • tire pump
  • CO2 cartridges w/presta-adaptor
  • patch kit
  • universal parks tool
  • 3 paper towels
  • reading glasses

New bike nervousness.

I’m not yet totally comfortable with the high racer format. For the first 20 minutes my heart rate is through the roof until I can settle down and relax and enjoy the ride. Well, at least I now know what my max heart rate is.