02 Aug 2014, 01:32

Quest arrives home!

After driving 20 hours in two days my Quest is now home!

Unexpectedly, earlier this week a slightly used Quest came up for sale in western Texas. I have been wanting a Quest or quite a while and this was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

So Thursday I purchased QB028 from Bill Janss in El Paso. Even though it is 4 years old the Quest probably has less than 200 miles on it. All parts look practically brand new.

Hopefully in the morning I’ll get the fit better dialed in and be able to go for a short ride to see what this baby can do.

Some quick observations:

I cannot leave it parked anywhere without the parking brake on - it will immediately start rolling down the slightest incline to bang into the closest object.

Compared to the F-40 it is very noisy inside due to the shell vibrating.

It turns like a pig.

I love not having to unclip and put my feet down when I stop.


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