04 Aug 2014, 12:27

Quest - Nice ride today w/Brian

Went for a ride with Brian Buckmaster today to Salado. Legs are so hammered from the last two days of riding we turned around in Jarrell cutting the ride short to just 51.4 miles.

That is Brian’s ICE Vortex trike on the left.


Shot of the front of the Quest Brian took (need to keep my feet inside for pictures).


Brian and I arranged to meet at HEB at the corner of Williams and DB Wood. Brian got there before me and was inside getting provisions for the ride. Here is a picture of his ICE Vortex.


I took a couple of more links out of the chain before this mornings ride. Shifting is better, but I still need to take a couple of more out.

There is a strange ratcheting sound coming from the rear. Tomorrow I’ll take the rear apart and see what the noise is.

Today I got a better handle on storage inside the Quest. I took the rear luggage bag I use on the F-40 and put it on the left side of the Quest. I had previously cut a round hole in the top of the bag to hold the 64 oz insulated stainless steel growler I use on the F-40 during really hot days. The hole allows me to easily reach inside and fish around for stuff - food, gels, iPod, etc.

On the right side I have a water bottle filled with my own sports drink mix, a frame bag for my iPhone and my camelbak inside of a plastic bag. Yesterday when I had finished my ride condensation on the camelbak had formed a pool of water. So today I tried the plastic bag - worked ok - but I need to find my camelbak sleeve I made last year, it will keep the camelbak more insulated and at the same time contain the condensation.

There sure is a lot of room in the Quest.


Towards the end of the ride I tried Willie Hunt’s suggestion on climbing in the heat - put both arms outside the shell by leaning forward and resting on my armpits - this provides more airflow over the upper body for more cooling.

Well this also had another great effect - leaning forward caused my butt to slide backwards just enough that the peddling position was lengthened causing the strain on my hamstrings to disappear! Within minutes my left leg hamstring loosened up and I was really able to hammer it the rest of the way home. In the last fifteen miles of riding I increased my average speed from 16.0 mph to 17.2 mph on the garmin.

bordered http://www.strava.com/activities/175333239

bordered http://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/557071829