05 Aug 2014, 08:48

Quest - Maintenance Day

Took four links out of the chain. Ooops, too many, cannot do large front ring and large rear ring anymore. Discovered that you cannot determine chain length by looking at the rear derailleur without rider weight in the seat of the Quest.

Putting 220 pounds of rider weight in the seat causes the rear swing arm to pivot more horizontal such that it acts as lengthening the frame and hence making the chain too short.

I now know that when looking at the rear derailleur I have have to add what looks like a little too much chain.

Now I need to add back in a couple of more links. Glad my LBS made me buy a whole chain - maybe I’ll have some left before I’m all done with this chain adjusting business.

UPDATE: - Added the links back in - will test in the morning.

Put a dab of liquid nails on the cable that goes to the front headlight height adjustment. The cable had come loose and I was kicking it around when entering and existing the Quest.

Examined all the tires. One of the front Kojak tires has been slashed and is slightly bulging out on the inside wall. Well, no more riding until I replace that tire.

Ordered two more Kojaks with presta tubes and will do the Stan’s sealant treatment when they arrive later this week.

UPDATE: - I had a new Kojak 406-35 folding bead in the garage. Put it on the front right replacing the bulging tire. Left the existing schrader value tube in the tire. When my order comes in from Amazon I’ll do the Stan’s sealant treatment.

Ordered the new Garmin magnet-less Speed and Cadence sensors.

Charles Snyder suggested that I hang the camelbak from the hanger behind the seat. Sound like a great idea. I’m going to make another sleeve from Reflectix to keep it colder longer.

Also, since weight doesn’t seem to matter anymore I’m moving to the 100 oz camelbak so that I don’t need to stop as often.

Still trying to figure out what the ratcheting noise is in the rear end. Asked BROL members for help.

UPDATE: - Dropped the rear end and examined everything. Everything looks good. The new ratcheting sound is the wheel hub. Must be like a Chris King hub and the paws finally loosened up enough where you can hear them now.