09 Aug 2014, 01:25

Quest - Increasing the aerodynamics

This is list of things I need to do to the Quest to improve the aerodynamics.

This list has been gathered from several others on FB and BROL.

I’ll up date this list from time to time as I gather more information.

From Charles Snyder (Portland Oregon)

Too bad you don’t have a hood yet… : ) Cruising 40+ would be easy in the first half of the stretch. You should have your black rain cap, use it, it will be a bit warm, but results are comparable to a a hood. Seriously though…

I pedal out at about 45 mph, doing 120 rpms, so you have plenty of power available.

Your first challenge will be to accelerate to 30+ before hitting 2238 Street, or Williams drive. You have a climb, then a very short lead of a hill before you HAVE to be doing 30+. Maintain 35+ going downhill, this will allow you a little leeway when climbing back up the first hill. Second hill is a 4% grade or so, bang on that speed as much as you can and hold it as long as you can while climbing that second hill. If you can hit 45-50 mph, you’re golden. If at any time you do pedal out, tuck your head in as much as you can and coast. Get your feet and pedals inside the velo. This should help you get the speed you need to climb the last hill.

Be sure to wash and wax the velo. Wash in the insides of the wheel wells too. Even a little dirt will slow down a velo. If you can, lighten your load as much as possible. A follow van that can carry your extra water and tools would help. Don’t know your fueling plan, I generally use gel packets etc, and be sure to consume 2 while your climbing up the hill to the start point.

This may be a bit ghetto, but you can attain another mph or two by taping a piece of cardboard the length of rear well, closing in as much as you can without touching the wheel.

Willie Hunt I use a 100 watt hour LiIon pack 3s4p 12.6 volt fully charged.

Willie Hunt I’m using old SureFire Beast batteries that were taken out of service. However, you can buy ready made packs of all AmpHour ratings. I’d recommend www.hobbyking.com or www.batteryspace.com

Just ordered battery pack from https://www.batteryspace.com Order Number: 368065

Willie Hunt I used a “Unibit” to drill the holes: http://www.harborfreight.com/catalogsearch/result?q=unibit