16 Aug 2014, 13:50

Quest - Cove House Classic Ride Report (Video)

Saturday morning Robyn and I got up early and drove to Copperas Cove for the Cove House Classic.

Robyn did the modified 10 mile ride and I started out doing the 100k but quickly switched to the 50 mile route.

It was pretty hot already at the start of the ride - about 80 degrees. Before the ride was over the temperatures where just over a 100 degrees.

Lots of people asking questions about the Quest. Under 13 year old - “I want to ride the banana bike!”

Still trying to work out the kinks before HHH100.

Just before the ride start Robyn and I looking really fresh. Everything is all loaded up and ready to roll.

Start of the ride. Earlier in the week they had just chip-sealed the road. I mean really big stuff, newly laid down, with lots of loose gravel.

They modified all the routes to get off of the chip seal as quickly as possible (3 miles later).

Last year this was my first organized ride on the F-40. I made the mistake of lining up at the front of the pack. Everyone else lined up 20 yards behind me! I spent the first 5 miles riding the brakes because the motorcycle police escort did not want to leave everyone behind.

This year I was smarter. I lined up at the very back of the starting area. Again everyone lined up behind me - outside of the starting area! Finally the announcer said for everyone to move up to the beginning of the start area. I just sat there and waited for everyone to move past me.

I was almost the last one out of the starting area and got some good video of coasting by most of the slower riders.

The rough chip seal made really loud rumbling of the Quest. However, the Quest suspension on all three wheels made for a really smooth ride.

You’ll see me quickly take the middle lane and ride by most other riders in the first three miles.

Except for hills, this is what it is like riding the Quest with other uprights.

Pulling out of the parking lot you’ll see Robyn on her green Expedition on the right and a guy on a hand-cycle on the left.

About three miles in only the really fast riders are still in front of me. We turn right off of the chip seal and on to a really smooth road.

I quickly accelerate up to 30 to 40 mph and start passing even the really fast riders.

Around 9:30 am the temperatures get up the the high 90s. It is pretty tough climbing some of the longer, steeper hills. The Quest has a pretty low gear. After the ride, some of the riders mentioned getting off and walking up some of the steeper sections. For once, with the Quest, I did not have to get off and walk, I was able to crawl slowly up the hill at about 5 mph, spinning 70 rpm (because I did not have enough strength to spin any faster).

Outside of the heat the country side was beautiful!.

This picture is about 30 miles into the ride out in the middle of nowhere. Very pretty.

Because of the heat, and hills, I realized about the 25 mile mark that I was not going to be able to do the full 100k. Modify the plan - 50 mile route it is!

Even then, less than a mile from the end of the ride, I’m so tired I miss shift really badly and drop the chain. So I get out, put the Quest on its side, and put the chain back on the front chainring. Put the Quest upright, get back in, helmet back on, everything adjusted just right. The peddles just spin again! Bummer, the chain as also thrown off the back cassette also.

Ok, out of the Quest again, put the Quest on the side. Take the cover off the rear cassette area, put the chain back on the rear cassette.

Hey, I got an idea - lets spin the front peddles and make sure everything is working correctly before we upright the Quest and get back in!

I’m so tired now that I just slow peddle the last 8 tens of a mile to the finish.

Robyn has already finished awhile ago. Time to sit, gab about the ride and have a beer.


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