25 Aug 2014, 10:13

Quest - Loading into a Toyota Sienna

People cannot believe that the Quest fits in a Toyota Sienna Minivan so Robyn took some pictures of me loading it up.

The way I load it up is a one person operation.

Prep the minivan:

  • take the two middle seats out of the minivan.
  • put a sheet of 4’ by 8’ coroplast on the floor of the Sienna.

Load up the Quest:

  • Roll the back of the Quest up against the bumper of the Sienna.
  • Put a small strip of coroplast just under the front of the Quest for the nose to slide on.
  • Lift the rear of the Quest and slide it into the Sienna until the rear wheel is resting on the floor of the Sienna.
  • Balance the Quest gently with one hand while walking to the front of the quest.
  • Lift the front of the quest and roll the quest into the Sienna.

The rear of the Quest will fix between the two seats. The seats can be all the way back for tall drivers (like me). The rear of the quest will ride up and sit on the middle console between the two seats. Make sure to leave the arm rests down. Keep pushing the Quest until the rear wheel bumps against the center console between the two front seats. There will be about two inches of extra room between the front of the quest in the back of the minivan and the rear door of the minivan.

Remember to lock the brakes on the Quest or the thing will be sliding back and forth those two inches banging against the rear door (don’t ask how I know).

The quest is 9 feet 5 inches long. The rear of the quest hangs over the center console by 1 foot 5 inches - see the last picture.

With the quest in the minivan there is room for another bike next to the quest. When traveling to Hotter n Hell this year we put Robyn Catrike Expedition (on its side) next to the Quest along with all our luggage, coolers, helmets, shoes, camping chairs, tire pump and other biking paraphernalia.