28 Aug 2014, 06:36

Quest - Upgrades

Upgrades to the Quest.

Racing Hood

There are two hoods to choose from. I’m really leaning towards the Schermer 2 piece hood because of the ability to remove it and store in the back of the Quest. Austin TX has a lot of days that start out in the low 50s and then by early afternoon are in the low 80s.

The other challenge is that a lot of charity rides (all?) around here require the use of a certified helmet. How does a helmet work with these hoods?

Sinner HoodSchermer Hood

Risse Shock - completed 19 Aug 2014

I ordered a Risse Shock from http://www.backcountryrecumbentcycles.com who are just down the street from http://www.risseracing.com/velomobile_dampers.shtml who make the shocks - about $200.

Took about 15 minutes to replace the standard shock that shipped with the Quest when it was new 4 years ago.

Wow! What a difference this makes in the ride! No more yo-yo-ing when peddling hard. The Quest really tracks around corners now and the rear wheel just sticks to the ground like it is glued there.

If you don’t have one of these on your Quest you really need one.