26 Oct 2014, 03:13

Quest - First ride w/Race Cap - fast,fast,fast!

Tried out the race cap this morning. Talk about fast!

Even though there was a significant headwind I still managed to up my placing on many strava segments.

The race cap is too small to allow also wearing a helmet. So the only thing I have to wear inside is sun glasses.

Being totally in the shade I also now do not need to wear any sunscreen.


You can’t hang your arms out over the side when going slowly uphill. So gearing down and spinning easy is the way to go.

When you put the visor up there is great air flow over your head (even at very slow speeds).

As your speed increases you keep gradually lowering the visor to keep a constant speed air flow over your face. Eventually the visor will be completely shut and then the inside of the Quest is amazingly quiet. You can spin up to a pretty good clip. I really need to order a bigger large front chainring.


bordered http://www.strava.com/activities/211966620


bordered http://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/620503828