29 Nov 2014, 15:27

Quest - Very windy ride

Wasn’t really trying but a 28 mph tailwind, gusting to 37 mph, really makes getting a strava KOM kinda easy.



I really was just out for an easy ride enjoying the sunny day. A few other riders, but not many.

Chased a couple of fit rides slightly uphill and with the 28 mph tail wind. Took me forever to catch them. Just as I caught them the route turned into the wind. Dropped them like a rock when heading into the 28 mph headwind. Took all the fun out of it.

Look at the flags blowing.

The gusting side winds really pushed the Quest all over the place today.


Since I was swinging by Robyn’s folks for some post thanksgiving food I decided to also stop at Georgetown Cycleworks. I’d told Paul the last time I as in there that I’d stop and say hi the next time I was in the neighborhood. He took a couple of pictures and put them on his shop’s Cycleworks Facebook Page.

Cycleworks Facebook Page




bordered http://www.strava.com/activities/224508453


bordered http://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/641991298