11 Apr 2015, 09:23

Quest - Georgetown Autism Ride Report (Video)

Work has been really hectic lately. That combined with rear-end issues with the Quest have really limited my riding this year. Since the ride was local Georgetown (only three miles from my house) I figured taking some time off work was ok.

This was my longest ride of 2015 and only my second organized ride of the year.

The ride started pretty fast and I held the lead until about the 5.8 mile mark when Justin and friend passed me as we started a long slow (for me) climb uphill out of Georgetown towards Walburg. Before the climb was done five riders had passed me and a couple were way ahead.

About the nine mile mark we are just leaving Walburg and the route turns smooth and downhill. I hit my fastest speed on this section - 47.7 mph and end up passing everyone in front of me.

By mile 15 I’m in the lead again and keep the lead until mile 32.

Around mile 27 my legs are toast and it is all I can do to spin easy and finish the ride.

Man am I out of shape.

Weather was overcast, mid 60s, with slight drizzle every now and then. Rode with the hood on and stayed dry and warm.

Nice vide of me catching and passing the five riders who passed me on the long climb out of Georgetown.


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