21 Apr 2015, 09:17

Quest - Getting ready for GASP 2015

Looks like things are working out this year such that I can ride the Quest in the GASP this year.

This blog entry is about my efforts towards getting the Quest ready for GASP 2015.

The GASP ride (Greater Austin to Shiner Peddle) ride is a one way ride from Austin TX to the Shiner TX brewery. They usually meander the route a little bit for it to end up being a really nice century (100 mile) ride. You can either have someone meet you in Shiner to give you a ride back, or you can pay a little bit extra to take a bus back to the start in Austin and they will also haul your bike back in an 18 wheeler to the start.

This year my wife Robyn, and her sister Liz, will meet me in Shiner to have a few brews and give me a lift back. Last year they were off glamping in the AirStream so I took the bus back and had the organizers truck the TiAreo back in the 18 wheeler. Work has been a little crazy lately but things are starting to calm down and Saturday is looking good to do the ride.

I’ve ridden this ride 4 times before:

  • 2014 : Bacchetta TiAero 7:14 elasped time (10 mph headwind whole way)
  • 2013 : Musashi 6:22 elasped time (10 mph tailwind)
  • 2012 : Optima Baron 7:41 minutes (really wiped out at end)
  • 2011 : Musashi DNF after 88 miles

I’m hoping the Quest will give me a sub 6 hour ride. My training has been pretty skimpy this year and my longest ride so far has been 65 miles last Sunday. I’m thinking that if I just do a bunch of coasting on the downhills, and take it pretty easy on the uphills, I should be ok doing the 100 miles.

We shall see :smile:

The Quest

Washed, waxed, buffed and ready to roll.


The Route

The 2015 route map is the same as last year’s:


Stuff to pack in Quest

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve driven to an event and found that I had forgotten something back at home. I’ve never forgotten the bike, but everything else if fair game: a helmet, camelbak, water bottles, tire pump, drinks, etc, etc. - you name and it and I’ve probably left it behind at least once.

Now in an effort to not forget forget things I usually put together various checklists and my whole riding experience ends up being much more enjoyable.


Of course, with the Quest I end up taking a lot more stuff on the ride than I do with a normal recumbent.

FYI - The picture is missing a few things but they are included in the checklists below.


Things to put in the backback which the GASP organizers will take to Shiner for me

  • sports towel for showering
  • shorts w/built-in mesh, lightweight tee-shirt
  • lightweight long sleeve sunscreen shirt
  • big brimmed roll-up hat
  • minimalist running shoes (Vivobarefoot)
  • small bottle liquid soap
  • sunscreen
  • aloe vera gel (small container)
  • cliff bars
  • yellow Ankr battery
  • iPad mini in water proof case
  • reading glasses

Things to do Early Friday Afternoon

  • pick up ride packet from Jack Adams on south Congress
  • make a bottle of sports drink and refrigerate overnight (40oz Growler).
  • position 56oz Growler next to fridge for mixing in morning

  • program garmin 800 for turn by turn diretions (already done)

  • load backpack

  • put ride number on quest, helmet, shirt

  • check tire pressure

  • review checklists

Things to load in the Quest Late Friday Afternoon

  • mount on the Quest

    • red tail light
    • garmin virb
  • inside the Quest

    • on the right side floor

      • bottle of sports mix
      • map pouch
      • ride packet
      • 16 oz bottled water (emergency)
    • on the left side floor

      • tire pump
      • kayak cover
      • blue nike grab sack (details below)
      • top rear rack bag (details below)
      • red wipe clothes (3)
      • micro-fiber cloth for cleaning glasses
  • seating on seat (to wear for ride)

    • helmet (peztel)
    • sun glasses
    • heart rate monitor
    • road id
    • bicycle shoes
    • compressions socks (might just wear these from house)
    • defeet socks
  • in handlebar bag (goes on right side floor)

    • garmin edge 800
    • 4 chews packages
    • 2 cliff bars
    • one PayDay candy bar
    • gutter sweat band
    • iPod for music
    • Hammer Enderolyes Extreme capsules (many)
    • cheater reading glasses
  • in top rear rack bag (goes on left side floor)

    • growler filled with water and fizzies
    • head lamp for getting ready in the dark
    • tri-flow chain oil (for squeeky front shocks)
    • backup emergency food
      • payday bar
      • two gel packs
      • fizzies
    • sun screen (bull frog)
    • put sunscreen on before ride starts if clear day
    • spare red cloth for wiping hands after fiddling with chain
    • black Ankr battery (w/usb cord)
  • in blue nike grab sack (checked completed)

    • spare flite front tire
    • spare inner tubes (2)
    • patch kit
    • rain jacket
    • long sleeve hi-vis shirt
    • tire irons
    • CO2 cartridges w/presta-adaptor
    • patch kit
    • universal parks tool
    • 3 paper towels
    • reading glasses

Things to put in the minivan Friday Afternoon

  • Floor tire pump
  • Cooler w/ drinks for ride and afterwards
  • backpack
  • camping chairs (3)
  • camping air mattress
  • camping sleeping bag
  • toolbox
  • loaded Quest (lock brakes)

Things to do Friday Night

  • charge Garmin Edge 800
  • charge Garmin VIRB
  • charge iPhone
  • charge black Ankr battery (w/usb cord)
  • charge red tail light
  • charge iPod for music
  • charge JBL round bluetooth speaker

  • put quest in minivan

Things to do Saturday morning before leaving house

  • have breakfest w/coffee
  • coffee for drive to south Austin start
  • review checklists

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