16 Sep 2015, 14:37

DFXL - How to attach the seat?

So the DF-XL arrived today.


The seat came NOT installed.

Looks like I should:

  • Measure my top of shoulders to bottom of butt distance.
  • Adjust the coat hanger height to approximate the distance just measured plus one inch.
  • Adjust the coat hanger height until the top of my shoulders no longer hit the bottom lip of the cockpit opening while sitting in the seat.
  • Now remove the front wheels.
  • Raise the front of the seat to position the middle of the seat side to be in line with the pre-drilled hole in the wheel well.
  • Using a drill bit the same size as the hole already in the wheel well drill a matching hole in the seat.
  • Do the same for the other side of the seat
  • Attach the seat using the supplied hardware oriented as shown in the first picture.
  • Put the wheels back on.
  • Sit in the seat and adjust the peddles for the correct length.
  • Add or remove chain as necessary.