30 Sep 2015, 03:34

DFXL - No road noise!

The DF is all carbon fiber. After several rides I’ve come to the conclusion that it is best to try and make the ride as quiet as possible.

Without any extra items in the DF (like sun screen, tool pouch, water bottle, etc.) riding in the DF is really quiet. If you have anything loose in the DF it will bounce around on the carbon fiber with a musical drum like effect creating a tremendous amount of noise.

So today under took an effort to sound proof anything I want to carry in the DF.

I wrapped the air pump in the yoga mat I put on the ground when rolling the DF on it’s side. After several mechanicals I have yet to use the yoga mat, I guess I’ll only need it if I have to change the rear tire.

I bought a couple of neoprene Built lunch pouches to put small things into. The neoprene cushions the objects and absorbers any noise.


Finally my DF is quite again - even on rough chip-seal roads.

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