18 Oct 2015, 08:46

Goodbye Quest

Well, I sold the Quest - the most photographed riding machine I have ever owned.

The Quest was an incredible machine, always lots of comments at rides and many photos taken.

I purchased the Quest in August of 2014 and sold it October 2015 putting 3,972.3 miles on it. The first month of riding I put just over 800 miles on it.

The Quest is definitely the king of the roadies. I captured many Strava KOMs in the Georgetown area trading first place back and forth with professional triathletes, mainly depending upon the strength of a good tailwind for them and dead still air for me.

I also did more centuries (100 mile rides) with the Quest than any other bike. With three wheel independent suspension it has an amazing ability to cover a lot of ground in great comfort.

  • Austin to Shiner GASP ride - 100 miles - 5 hours 40 minutes
  • 24 Hours in the Canyon race - 100 miles - 7 hours 22 minutes - climbed the canyon wall!
  • RUSA 160k - 101.7 miles - 109.4 degrees high temperature
  • Hotter N’Hell ride - 100 miles - 5 hours 39 minutes
  • 18 Strava KOMs in the Georgetown area

It went to a great home - congrats Greg Gross!

One last ride in the minivan for the Quest as I deliver it to it’s new owner.


The Quest

Washed, waxed, buffed and ready to roll.


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