26 May 2016, 17:32

Triking the Erie Canal

This summer Robyn and I (and a whole bunch of friends) are going to trike the Erie Canal - 400 miles long and a wealth of history.

Starting in Buffalo NY and traveling 40 to 50 miles per day we expect to finish in Albany NY about 10 days later.

The Erie Canal ride is actually the main attraction of a much larger summer road trip:

  • starting in Austin TX
  • drive north to Buffalo NY
  • trike the Erie Canal 10 days and 400 miles to Albany NY
  • drive to Danvers MA and trike the local area
  • drive to Bar Harbor ME
  • trike Acadia National Park (lobsters & seafood) for 3 days
  • drive to Burlington VT
  • trike the area for 3 days (Island Line Trial & Brew Fest!)

Here we will part with our friends and Robyn and I will head west to Portland OR to visit our kids.

This post is divided into the following parts:

The Erie Canal Trail

The Trikes

What to take on the Trike

Erie Canal


The Trike

Most of use will be riding a “HP Velotechnik Scorpion FS26 S-Pedelec”.

Hereafter referred to as “the trike(s)”, or “the scorpion(s)”. :smile:


Designed for touring these trikes are amazing. With three wheel independent suspension, two large panniers, comfortable padded lawn chair type seat and an electric assist motor (mechanical doping) these trikes are traveling machines.

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