13 May 2017, 04:08

Car staging

Every few days we stage the cars ahead. One spouse (or partner) will stay with the trikes and the other will drive the vehicle to the next staging point. The SAG vehicle will ferry all the drivers back to the trikes. Over the next few days we ride the trikes towards the staged vehicles.

This means that at most you will need to carry enough cloths on your trike for five nights.

Remember, we will perform the first staging the night before the first day’s ride. ANYTHING you leave behind in the hotel room will need to be carried on your trike the next day. This means that when we leave the hotel to perform the first staging you should be wearing some the clothes you will be wearing on the ride for the next few days. Don’t forget this includes your shoes.

Currently the expectations are:

  • Dan & Robyn Hansen will supply the SAG vehicle, a Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van (El Hefe)

  • Dana & Carmella Thompson will be driving their RAM Promaster 2500 van the whole way. This means one of them will be driving while the other one trikes (bikes).

  • This leaves four vehicles for staging on the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail

    • Gary & Gay Bradford
    • Steve & Cynthia Wade
    • John & Susie Shaddle
    • Hank & Nancy Anderson
  • And six vehicles for staging on the P’tit Train du Nord Trail

    • Gary & Gay Bradford
    • Steve & Cynthia Wade
    • John & Susie Shaddle
    • Hank & Nancy Anderson
    • Tony & MaryAnn Teutsch
    • Craig & Sandra Luginbill

We rotate drivers with the SAG vehicle so I need volunteers. I suggest the following to start out with:

  • Great Lakes Waterfront Trail

    • Day01 - Gary Bradford
    • Day02 - Robyn Hansen
    • Day03 - Gay Bradford
    • Day04 - Steve Wade
    • Day05 - Rest Day
    • Day06 - Hank Anderson
    • Day07 - John Shaddle
    • Day08 - ??
    • Day09 - ??
    • Day10 - Rest Day
    • Day11 - ??
    • Day12 - ??
    • Day13 - ??
    • Day14 - ??
  • P’tit Train du Nord Trail

    • Day01 - Steve Wade
    • Day02 - Craig Luginbill
    • Day03 - Tony Teutsch
    • Day04 - Gary Bradford

Everybody will probably end up driving SAG at least two days. I tried to schedule the experienced large vehicle drivers to be driving while the route goes though the bigger cities.

Sometimes people will be sore, or tired, and volunteer to drive SAG the next day to recuperate.

If you have issues with any of the above please be sure to let Gary or I (Dan) know.