10 Aug 2013, 09:56

Strava 2nd place KOM - 5.2 miles @ 25.6 mph

Today was a no-wind morning and I really able to open up the speed on the F-40.

Did an hour ride averaging 20.1 mph including stopping to put back on a jumped chain.

On my favorate strava segment I only pulsed the brakes when the bike got over 35 mph a couple of times on the downhills.

This got me to number 2 on the strava segment KOM. I missed being first by 3 seconds - bummer.

I’m sure that when I acclimate to the bike I’ll be faster.

The best I ever did on this segment with the Musashi with fresh legs and wind at my back was 21.1 mph giving me 49th place on the KOM.



Strava 2nd place

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