18 Feb 2017, 06:46

Coast2Coast - Amazing Robyn

Robyn is going to be following me on my Coast-2-Coast adventure.


She has spent the last couple of months getting El Hefe Rojo (our big red Sprinter crew van) ready for camping across the US as she tries to keep up with me as I speed along on my bike. :wink:


She has been a “Sisters On The Fly” member for a few years now and has camped all over the US with her Sister friends.

Inspired by her fellow Sisters she striking out on her own to follow me across the US.

At times the house got quite messy, with Robyn staging El Hefe stuff on the downstairs kitchen table, and I consuming most of the upstairs staging my bike/camping stuff.


I emailed Bubba (http://www.bubbaspamperedpedalers.com) about Robyn following along with the riders and received this terrific response:

The tour has always welcomed family or friends with open arms and of course the other Coasters welcomed them as well. At times on past tours a family member or friend would stop by for dinner with the group. Again, this happened occasionally and never more than once or twice during the entire tour.

For the first time this year, there will be Coasters family or friends on the tour for extended periods of time which has forced me to instituting a new policy. This policy is designed to have extended guest be part of the family by enjoying everything the tour offers everyday they are with the tour.

By definition, an extended –stay-guest is any non-rider who will be with the tour for any part of more than four days whether those days are consecutive or non-consecutive.

An extended-stay-guest will have the same privileges as a rider. Not only will they be welcomed; they will be encouraged to take part in all activates. Be part of the C2C family. Activities include but not limited to; all tour equipment available to riders, morning coffee/tea, breakfast, sag stops, lunches if provided by the tour, drinks and snacks around camp, appetizer daily before dinner, dinner drinks, dinner, and dessert. Also included would be use of all facilities at the over-night lodging location.

Of course Robyn will have to sign the usual forms and waivers, and pay a fee. But still, what a great service oriented business.

Always the fashion maven, Robyn got together with one of her friends and somehow created a logo for her visor and tee shirt.



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