19 Apr 2017, 02:16

The Recovery

Well the femur break and repair was pretty extensive.

Hammer a rod down the center of the broken bone, insert some screws, etc., etc., etc..

Doctor says with proper rehab I should be back to full capacity in a year.

Yesterday I finally got off the opioids (Percocet) and now I’m only on Advil. Hurts a lot most of the time, but at least now I know exactly where the issues are.

Once off the pain meds Robyn released me to start driving again. Drove myself to massage therapy yesterday, Robyn rode shotgun as a precaution.

Had my first rehab session back here in TX. It was mainly an evaluation, but I did get lots of movement in. Got some take home exercises which I need to begin in earnest.

What a strange adventure. Every day has a whole range of emotions, but generally overall positive. Mostly it seems like this has happened to someone else but I’m standing next to them watching it unfold. It can be really weird sometimes.

For the curious, here is a picture of the the break: