16 May 2017, 01:40

2017 Canada Triking Adventure

This summer starting July 1st 2017 several of us will be triking (bicycling) the northern (Canada) side of Lake Ontario then continue up the St. Lawrence River to Montreal. This is the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail (400 miles). Afterwards we drive a little north and ride the great P’tit Train du Nord Trail (130 miles). Thirdly, we’ll head a little south and ride the Carriage Roads in Acadia National Park. Last, we’ll head to Danvers MA for a day ride with Bob Hicks along the Massachusetts Coast.

The trip is divided into four parts:

July Miles Description Location
01 - 14 400 Great Lakes Waterfront Trail Niagara Falls ONT to Montreal QC
16 - 19 130 P’tit Train du Nord Trail Mont-Laurier QC to St. Jerome QC
22 - 23 Day Trips Acadia National Park Bar Harbor ME
25 38 Massachusetts Coast w/ Bob Hicks Danvers MA



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