11 Jun 2021, 22:02

Flying 1,700 miles Inverness FL to Santa Fe NM


Robyn and I flew from Inverness FL to Santa Fe NM stopping for gas in Shreveport LA. Beautiful day for flying. About 8 hours in the air and 1,700 miles in distance. We left Inverness FL at 6:33am EST and arrived in Santa Fe NM just before 2pm MST.

We averaged 220 mph and 17.7 miles per gallon.

Landing at Shreveport was very interesting because on short final (about 2 miles from the airport) we overflew Barksdale AFB at about 1,000 feet above all the B-52 bombers sitting on the ramps.

The weather into Shreveport as overcast clouds 1,200 feet to about 3,000 feet. We did the ILS 14 breaking out of the clouds at about 1,200 feet above ground right above the B-52 bombers. If I wasn’t so busy trying to land I could of had some great pictures of the Air Force flight line.

Flight from Shreveport LA to Santa Fe NM was very nice. Overflew Iowa Park TX along the way and saw the Bradford’s old house.

This was a long day of flying and the rest of the flying days will be much shorter.