15 Jun 2021, 22:02

Santa Fe NM to Boise ID


Santa Fe NM to Boise ID, a little over 800 miles at 16,000 feet. Towards the end of the flight there were front quarting winds of 54 knots which slows down a 200 knot cruise a little bit.

ATC (Air Traffic Control) brought us in very high, over 11,000 feet, with about 15 miles to the airport. Boise is at 4,000 feet above sea level so we had to lose 7,000 in 15 miles while travelling about 200 miles per hour. This means we had about 4 minutes to drop 7,000 feet, or about 1,700 feet per minute for what seemed a very long time.

Fortunately we were straight in runway 28L cleared to land.

Slow the airplane down to under 117 knots, flaps full, speed brakes up, point the airplane nose down aiming to be at 500 feet at just about the short final distance to the runway. In this configuration the airplane speed never increases above 100 knots so that once you get to short final height you can level out and make a normal landing.


The day was beautiful with many scenic sights along the way.

Duchesne River Canyon near Myton UT.


Random moutain ridge with snow near Kamas UT.


All the ski resorts near Park City UT.


The Great Salt Lake.