21 Jan 2017, 07:27

Coast2Coast - Great Ideas

Belonging to the Coast2Coast mailing list and Bubba’s facebook page has been really helpful in learning new things about long distance touring.

Here I’m trying to capture some of the conversations so that I can put these things in my checklists.

Various comments:

Hi All, I was waiting for this question, a question which is so very hard to answer since the weather on each past C2C tour has been different.

No such thing as a “weather pattern”. 2015 the coldest night of the entire tour was the night spent at the Alabama/Mississippi border. 2016 it was very cold in middle Texas where normally it is very warm. Past years Tombstone would hold that honor. Alpine, CA as well has held that honor.

Before suggestion some items to help keep you warm allow me to make this suggestion. Feel free to bring a “cold weather bag”. Might be just a gym bag or small carry on bag. Once the tour gets out of the normally cold area that bag can be left of the baggage truck. If by chance, as in 2015, the weather gets cold again the cold weather bag can be off loaded for your comfort.

Now, ideas of things to bring. At least two pairs of wool socks. Keep one inside your sleeping bag and wear them only at night. Do not sleep in the same sock you wore that day since moisture may be trapped in the socks. A good knit cap is also a great idea. It packs easy and works well. As you know, you loose lots of heat for your head at night. A > knit cap will keep you much warmer at night. Pair of warm gloves also. Actually two pair. One pair for riding and one pair for non-riding.

Hands down however the most important thing to pack is a GOOD SLEEPING BAG. Zero degree. Of course it will never get to zero degree, at least lets hope not, but history has shown those with a good sleeping bag get the best rest.

Each of you will be sleeping on an inflated air mattress. That is the good news. What happens on cold nights is the air inside the mattresses becomes cold. To help on those nights it is suggested you have some sort of barrier between you and the mattress. An extra blanket which then could become your covering for the warmer nights.

Actually, there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing. It’s ALL Good!


On another note Mary has a great idea about stuffing the sleeping bag into a dry bag. Think I read somewhere in Bubba’s packet that the crew tries to keep our baggage dry but it could get wet. No one likes a wet sleeping bag. I will have to look at my kayaking gear.


Rain jacket, rain pants, rain booties, helmet cover. Also a very lightweight faux down jacket, one or tights, 1 light fleece top, 1 very lightweight long underwear top, arm warmers. 1 pr convertible gloves/mittens. Also bring a wind vest but maybe the Bubba safety vest will suffice.

Good suggestions. The safety vests will not help in keeping you are since they are mesh. It’s ALL Good!


I agree with Phil. It normally takes about ten days to get “settled in” even for the staff who all have done is several times. So > early on do not fret, thing will “settle in” I promise.

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