2017 Canada Triking Adventure

Passports, Customs and Immigration

From Gary:

Our trip will take place in July, you MUST HAVE A PASSPORT VALID FOR SIX MONTHS AFTER YOUR INTENDED STAY, so check your passports and ensure that they are good thru Jan 2018. If not, renew them immediately.

Bring evidence of ownership of any trike or bike you take into Canada. A sales receipt or invoice will be fine. Any bike or trike not manufactured in the U.S. (Azure or HP) could be subject to US duties/taxes when you re-enter the US if you don’t have proof of prior ownership. I (Gary) plan to stop at the U.S. Immigration/Customs checkpoint PRIOR TO entering Canada and registering mine. That is fool proof. If you register them on the US side you will need the serial numbers. Normally you will not have any problem re-entering the US, but if you get a customs inspector who got up on the wrong side of bed, you could have a problem.

All lodging prices shown on the itinerary will be in Canadian dollars. The exchange rate can vary daily and as of today the US dollar was worth $1.30 Canadian dollars, so that means we would receive a 30% discount on our rooms in US dollars. Our trip is six months away and who knows what the exchange rate will be at that time with our new administration, or if the Canadians will even accept our $. LOL - that really was a joke!