24 May 2021, 07:00

Air Adventure Summer 2021

Summer Vacation 2021

Early last year (before COVID) Robyn and I started planning our 2021 Summer of Travel adventure which will begin mid next month. We have access to a small private plane and will be fly clockwise around the United States. We flew counter-clockwise several years ago and had a great adventure.

We’ll be meeting up with various friends and family along the route. The dates on the map are approximate because adverse weather may affect our travel days here and there. The McMinnville, Newport and Mackinac Island dates are pretty solid. If you are close to any of the cities on the days we’ll be there, and want to meet up, let us know.

When we get ready to fly I’ll post the flightaware.com link for people that want to following our travels. The hours on the map are approximate flight hours to get from one city to another. Our first travel day to Santa Fe NM is the longest (6.5 hours of flying) requiring a stop for gas in Little Rock AR.

Date Flying Hours Leave Arrive
June 11 6.5 Inverness FL Santa Fe NM
June 15 3.4 Santa Fe NM Boise ID
June 18 2.0 Boise ID McMinnville OR
June 20 drive car McMinnville OR Newport OR
June 29 drive car Newport OR McMinnville OR
June 29 1.0 McMinnville OR Pasco WA
July 2 3.5 Pasco WA Pierre SD
July 5 3.5 Pierre SD Mackinac Island MI
July 9 3.0 Mackinac Island MI Lewiston ME
July 11 0.5 Lewiston ME Bar Harbor ME
July 13 2.0 Bar Harbor ME Syracuse NY
July 16 2.5 Syracuse NY Winston-Salem NC
July 18 2.0 Winston-Salem NC Inverness FL

18 Feb 2017, 06:28


Beautiful day flying. Went to Little Rock for a business meeting.

I still can’t get over how fast this plane is.

Pictured below off the right wing tip is Georgetown airport (KGTU). You are looking west at runway 29. Lake Georgetown in the background on the left.


They let me park with the big boys at Little Rock International (KLIT).


Air was pretty darn clear leaving KLIT. About 70 degrees with just a hint of a breeze.


This plane climbs like mad compared to my DiamondStar. 1,000 feet per minute all the way up to 16,000 feet. Above 12.5k I need to wear the cannula for supplemental oxygen.


10 Jan 2017, 03:08

Flying - Georgetown TX to Little Rock AR (round trip)

Beautiful day 200 knots at 9000 feet.

Stayed down low to avoid headwinds at higher altitude. Travel time just under 2 hours from Georgetown TX to Little Rock AR.


On the way back the next day the winds had changed direction and to avoid a 30 knot headwind I hopped up to 16,000 feet. Above 12,500 feet oxygen is required by the FAA hence the cannula.


Question on Facebook: “Wow!!! Why so high???"

Faster, smoother, no other traffic.

It was 20 minutes faster getting home at 16k feet. Two hours travel time vs 2 hours and 20 minutes at a lower altitude.

At 8k feet and below there was rough turbulence. At 9k feet there was a 30 knot headwind which kept getting less and less the higher you fly. At 16k feet the headwind was down to 4 knots. And, roughly, for every 1k feet above 10k the plane flys 2 knots faster because of less dense air.

At almost 250 mph this plane is fast. I start my decent about 100 miles out. As I descend over Waco I realise I’m less than 15 minutes from landing at Georgetown.

Since I almost always fly IFR you can usually view my flights on flightaware.com.

N581GL on Flightaware.com