19 Oct 2015, 10:31

TiAero - For Sale! (w/SportsTube)

For Sale: $1,700. Shipping is included in the price to anywhere in the USA in the also included SportsTube.

Bike is currently located in Georgetown Texas.

If you have any questions not answered by the information below please send me an email at dhansen@triand.com


I’m 6 feet 1 inches tall with very long legs. My weight is 225 pounds. XSeam is 48 inches (fat butt and long legs).

The seat has plenty of adjustment both forward and back.

I need to make room in the garage for my trike and velomobile addiction.

In February of 2014 I purchased a used TiAero at the HOT rally in Austin Texas.


After riding up and down the street to dial-in the fitting I hopped on it and did a first ride of 51 miles. The TiAero is extremely easy to ride, coasts like crazy and is solid as a rock.

You can read my various ride reports to see pictures of the bike and several ride videos.

Date Miles Event
22 Mar 2014 51 Ti-Aero First Ride Impressions
05 Apr 2014 43.5 TiAero - Liberty Hill Spokes 'n Spurs
19 Apr 2014 30.5 TiAero - Tour de Vineyard Ride Report
28 Apr 2014 0 TiAero - Getting ready for GASP
30 Apr 2014 30 TiAero - Easy 30 miles
03 May 2014 101.5 TiAero - GASP Ride Report
15 May 2014 70 TiAero - Easy 70 miles today
17 May 2014 29 TiAero - Real Ale Ride Report

The front has a Schlumpf Speed Drive as well as a compact double.

The rear seat back bag is included. The frame bag is not included.

Any extra 650 tubes and tires I have laying around the garage I’ll also include. I know I always keep a least a couple of extra on hand.

Strava says I only put 349 miles only the TiAero. Seems low, but I have a lot of other bikes and once I got the Carbent I stopped riding the TiAero.

I’ve shipped the bike to Portland OR before and ridden up and down the Columbia River gorge.

You can read about packing the bike into a SportsTube here:


This blog entry also has a lot of detailed pictures of the components on the bike and how to disassemble and reassemble the bike for packing in the SportsTube.


Several people have asked about the gearing on the bike.

The front has a derailleur with 48-34 front chain rings and with a Schlumpf Speed Drive. At least I think the small chain ring is a 34 - it is not stamped and I tried physically counting the teeth. I could be wrong and the small ring could be a 36 tooth.

The Schlumpf SD is a 1.65 times multiplier. I would only kick it into high gear when on a downhill and spinning out.

A good web reference on the Schlumpf drives is here: http://www.cyclemonkey.com/schlumpf-innovations.shtml

The Schlumpf can be removed and a standard double or triple bottom bracket put on instead.

The rear cassette is a 11-34 nine speed.

When figuring the gear inches remember that the rear wheel is a 650c.

I would have a hard time doing a sustained (several minutes) climb of grade greater than 10 percent with this bike. You can check my strava links for the rides to see typical elevation changes I would normally handle.




The bike with peddles, empty seat bag, headrest, etc. weighs 22.5 pounds.

Head Rest

The head rest shown in the pictures is included.

Frame Size

Not sure of the frame size but I’m 6 foot 1 inch with very long legs - 48 inch X-Seam.

Online blog indicated that the if the Serial number starts with a RBL then the size is a large.

Picture of the Serial number (RBL0023) on the front bottom bracket:


Someone else indicated you can tell the frame size by measuring the frame from the steerer to the end of the bottom bracket.

Here are some pictures of that: (looks like 13 and 3/4 inches)



I’d say the frame is a large size.

Year Made

Not sure the year made. The Serial number is RBL0023.

Online blogs indicate it might be a newer model because the seat mount is bolted on (not welded like some older models).

Picture of seat mount bolted on: